BSA Program Website Creation

Sell your Camp, Conclave, Camporee, or Special Event apparel online! Extend your selling season, prevent overstocks, and save on labor by ordering a program specific website from SG Trading Post. Orders are filled, payments are processed, and orders can be shipped to customers' homes or forwarded to the event registration desk – all by SG Trading Post personnel. Each program can set their own markup and retail values.  Revenue collected is paid to the council monthly – so you don’t have to wait until the end of the summer to see if your trading post made a profit. In most cases there is little or no cost associated with a program specific website. These websites should be considered for any event where you would like to offer merchandise but are not sure as to how much inventory to purchase. This service is limited to programs/camporees/camps/etc. of 500 participants or more. Click the images below to review some existing websites.

If you may be interested in a BSA program website, please contact us: web@dkmembroidery.com.